The Bus
The picture shows Mick Rowe and Menís Shed President Roger Walker exchanging cheque and keys at the handover in July 2014.
A bus has been on the Menís Shed wish list for the past seven years . since we started as we saw the potential of a bus being integral in getting some of the male population of Sussex Inlet and surrounding areas to the shed to participate in various types of healthy activities.†
We have had a number of enquiries from men to see if we could assist in their transport arrangements.†
It is all about quality of life for these men.

Inasmuch had a bus they weren't using and following an enquiry from the menís shed to borrow one of their buses for an outing the board offered the bus to the Menís Shed at a cost, as they were happy to see the bus continuing being used within our community.†
The executive and members of the shed agreed to purchase the bus and after securing finance we were able to finalise the purchase. †

As stated above, the Sussex Menís Shed is excited in being able to announce the purchase of a bus to assist men in coming to the shed on a regular basis.†
It was a big financial commitment for the shed but it was felt it was a necessary resource, given the size of our drawing area, Sussex, Berrara, Cudmirrah and Swanhaven.†

We have been applying for Government grants for a bus but have not as yet been successful.†
When the Inasmuch bus became available we decided to draw on club funds, secured other finance and received a substantial donation from Kate Jones Fundraising from sales of Jams and Pickles. Kate has made a commitment to the Menís Shed ďOutreachĒ Program which takes the shed to the men or helps to bring men to the shed.†

The bus also meets our ďOutreachĒ program objectives by supporting the work we do with Inasmuch and Ainslie house assisting the male residents.
The bus will do a run around the area on Monday and Wednesday mornings picking men up and returning them home approx. mid-day as we have had requests for transport help.

Coming to the shed and mixing with men, making something or just chatting and having a cup of tea or coffee is better than just sitting at home or in your own room looking at the four walls.

If you are interested in being picked up phone Kevin 0457996775 or David on 44412915 so we can add you to the pickup list.

We are looking to any one with the appropriate drivers licence to assist with driving the bus so we spread the load amongst a number of willing drivers.

The bus will also be used to take men on shopping trips to Ulladulla or Nowra using the Motorised scooter trailer we built a year or so ago.†
The problem we have had with the scooters was, we had nothing to tow it with and this has now been solved with the purchase of the bus.
There is no excuse for not coming to the shed IT IS UP TO YOU pick up the phone and book your seat on the Menís Shed Bus.