Our Mission

Aims and Objectives

  1. To offer retired or otherwise unoccupied men a place to meet and enjoy the company of  men in similar situations, to their mutual benefit.
  2. To promote open discussion about health issues related to men.

  1. To provide information through seminars/discussion groups by inviting guest speakers from health organisations or health interest groups.

  1. To provide a range of machines, tools, benches and other equipment needed for men to carry on past skills, learn new skills, pass on  skills to others where appropriate, in a safe and proper manner  in an atmosphere of friendly co-operation.

  1. By providing activities that build trust, understanding and inclusiveness.

  1. Be an innovator and teacher where possible.

  1. Use the skills available among Shed members to assist other community groups at appropriate times.

  1. To promote, wherever possible, the discussion and practice of any intellectual and or artistic subjects which may be of interest to any members e.g. Music, Photography, Art etc.
Roger Walker   0412 429 221
Vice President
David Jones    4441 2915
Kevin Phillps    0457 996 775
Keith Haslam   0417 353 245
Rex Langford
Eric Webb
Henry Laws
Brad Wheeler

8.00 am To 12 noon